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Meet Christie

Wedding, Portrait & Family Photographer

Thats me, adventuring with my twin girls. If Im not behind the camera then you will find me exploring our beautiful country with my family, it fuels my soul!

I'm really into food, not sure if that was made clear on the home page but just incase you missed it here it is. I also love almost every genre of music, I read books in my spare time and I love the great outdoors! I am a Mum of 3 humans and 1 puppy. If
 you have your own human kids rest assured I will be capturing all their amazingness on the day and the same goes for your furr babies! 


I am the founder and creator of The Wolfpack, the brains behind the business. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I know its been a good day when my feet are sore, my belly is full and my heart is singing!!


Don’t be surprised if I squeal with excitement, help myself to the bridal party picnic during the photo session or drag you outside for some “Amazing Golden Light”. 


My beautiful couples mean the world to me, without you guys I wouldn’t be doing so much fun stuff every weekend lol.

Christie Hoyle - Photographer

I am so excited

for this wild ride,

it’s going to be a


The Wolfpack wedding photography

I want the next 20/21 season to be filled with couples who seek their own uniqueness, who do things the way they want and who prioritise their inner most values. After all, your wedding is about you two!


I ask a lot of questions before you book, because I want to know that our values align - we need to be a good fit for the magic to work. I want to know how you met, what you get up too in your spare time, what food you like (hahaha) and what it is you love the most about each other. 


I want you to relax as much as possible on the day, to leave any tricky situation in my hands to fix, to give me freedom of creativity but most of all, to focus on the beautiful human you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with! There should be no rules for your own wedding day, do things how you like, there doesn't need to be a strict schedule. It should be a day you can truly look back on without feeling like it flew past too bloody quickly. I am not going to be bossy, I am not going to act like an angry teacher, I have always been chill and I so look forward to just hanging out with you and your family/friends.