The Wolfpack FAQ
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SO you have a question...

Ask away!

Are you qualified?

I have a Diploma and a Certificate. But I would say the most I've learnt has been when I'm on the job. I have been shooting weddings for 8 years!

Do you mind our furr babies being at the wedding?

Course not!! I LOVE animals.

What is your style?

I mainly have a beautiful documentary style! Sweet candid shots and capturing your day as it naturally plays out. I generally like being as invisible as possible. You will get a little direction for some of the bridal party session, but I’ll make a right dick of myself and have you relaxed super fast.

Do you have a second shooter?

I don’t need one because I’m ninjas asf. But if you really want one I know some people.

Do you have backup equipment?

Hell yes!

Will you meet up with us?

I sure will, as many times as you need! Lets do coffee, or food, or both. I do love food. Skype is great too! I have lots of overseas couples who meet me with me this way.

Do you travel for weddings?

YES! I will go anywhere the wind takes me.

Are you a gangster?


Where are you based?

My family and I are re-locating to Christchurch before April this year. We can't wait!

What does “The Wolfpack” mean?

Every person I come across in my work has been welcomed into The Wolfpack. We are like a gang without the actual gang, crime and patches. We work together to make magic, we sing to the moon (not really but we can if you want), we create days of beautiful memories. I want you to feel like you are a part of something, because when you are with me you absolutely are. I will guide you when you need it and support you when you want to lead the way. The Wolfpack is so much more than a photography business, join us.

Why do you say “Welcome to the Wolfpack"?

Because I want you to feel like you are a part of something. I want you to know once your wedding is over, you will not be forgotten. You have become a part of my Wolfpack, a group of amazing individuals, a family. You have gifted me with a huge insight into who you are, who you love and I will carry that with me forever. Most couples who go on to have babies come back to me to capture their journey through pregnancy and onward. I am SO lucky to do what I do.